IMI - Japanese dictionary
IMI is a Japanese dictionary and study tool build for android

What is it?

As a Japanese language student I have over the past few years been working on software to make studying easier for myself. This has resulted in a dictionary app called "IMI".

The app is written in native Java for android and makes heavy use of SQLite databases.

IMI 's strength is that it is made with Japanese language students in mind. This means that there are many features in the app that go beyond just looking up words .

Functionality such as flash cards, the ability to save words and characters in "collections", to create collections of words from a wide range of criteria, to practice pronunciation of words by talking to the phone / tablet are just a few examples of how IMI is more than just a digital dictionary.

For stroke animations, the kanji stroke recorder was used.

The app is made ​​under the name " Naruhodo Software." Naruhodo Software is a personal project used for branding purposes. So far only one app has been released under the Naruhodo Software name, however more app-ideas are brewing.

Product Video


  • Relevant search results

  • Color coded search results based on commonness

  • Store words in collections for later study

  • Extended conjugation and usage lists for verbs, i-adjectives and na-adjectives.

  • Example sentences for conjugations and usage of verbs, i-adjectives and na-adjectives.

  • Phone and tablet layout

  • Flashcards

  • Beautiful kanji stroke order animations

  • Explore words by searching by kanji

  • Kanji details