Smaller print jobs
A collection of smaller brochures and flyers

What is it?

Over the years i have designed a number of simple flyers and brochures for products and projects. The majority of those projects were made during my time working for bp-u (2005 — 2011). Here are a number of examples of these small print jobs.

Iværksættercamp (entrepreneur camp) 2013
An invitation for a 2 day event for people starting their own business.


A flyer for a job seekers course. Held near the local train station and about getting people "back on track". Therefor named "sporet" (the track). The design uses elements from subway track maps.


Spor 2
A flyer for a job seekers course. The successor to "sporet". Where the first "sporet" flyer was inspired by subway maps, this version takes elements from the origial project flyer.


A small brochure for "Radstedhus" made in 2011. At the time the building was used for meetings and courses. Companies and individuals could rent the buildings (and staff) for events.


RKA unge
Course for younger unemployed people.


Another course for job seeker. yep... made a lot of flyers for job seekers. Nothing in this flyer is stock. It's a LOT of Photoshop layers.