Doing neat stuff with the Google+ API
Putting some + on your website

I wanted something simple and easy for sharing things and posting short texts on this site. Naturally Twitter comes to mind, however, the 140 character limit is too strict, and i really don't use twitter all that much. I do however use Google+. I use it A LOT. Looking at my profile you ma not think that i use it much at all. But i share stuff all the time, but i share most thing privately or in communities. So i decided that i would start sharing more stuff publicly and use Google+ as my "This is what i am currently doing and thinking oh and here's some cool stuff i found"-feed. 

I did not know if this was even possible, but to my surprise there is a Google+ API. And it's quite cool. After getting your key and setting up the proper permissions you are basically ready to go. 

What i like most about it is that what you get in return is a json object. And that means that you can do with it as you please which makes it really easy when trying to match the look of your feed with the look of your site.

In just a few hours i was able to customize my feed an implement it on my site exactly as i wanted it to be. Happy days!

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